Paratum’s objective is to provide clients and their advisors with the most innovative solutions that best addresses both their short-term needs while also facilitating a permanent and lasting solution. We are able to apply rigorous standards in every assignment by integrating cutting edge ideas in the areas of capital markets, corporate finance, asset management, credit analysis, legal analysis and estate planning.

Paratum is a holistic, centralized offering that provides global asset and wealth managers a comprehensive suite of capabilities and services that they can market directly to their existing clients.

Paratum adheres to the credo that wealth management is both an art and a science. Long term success hinges on an adviser’s ability to navigate and balance unforeseen events with an approach that is both qualitative and quantitative.

Our guiding business principles must include:

Integrity – Everything that we undertake mandates the highest integrity and ethical standards and must be able to stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny. We stand behind our solutions because we have vetted them thoroughly internally and in most instances, with the advice of third party experts.

Wisdom — Paratum strives to understand and stay on top of the current macro and micro factors that shape global economic policy. Only by being informed on a global basis can we employ innovation that utilizes the best-tested ideas in a non-conventional manner.

Ingenuity — Yesterday’s ideas may no longer be today’s solutions. As such, our solutions and products are designed to successfully navigate through the systematic and non-systematic ebbs and flows that accompany turbulent global markets.

Experience — The firm’s experience in dealing with varying types of business and family matters has provided us with a broad understanding of how best to apply our expertise. No one individual has all the answers and no one solution can always apply to every situation. We always look for new ways to approach solving problems and are committed to challenging ideas and strategies in order to arrive at the best possible outcome.